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Best auto tracking webcam

What is an auto tracking webcam?

Definition of auto tracking webcam

An auto tracking webcam has built-in human-shape tracking technology, that allows the camera to  detect human movement and track intelligently. So the speaker can always in the center of the lens and perfectly focus on video chatting or live streaming.

The birth of auto tracking webcam

Actually many entity industries moved from offline to online due to the Covid-19, this largely changed the traditional communication ways. Whether your team is coming back to office, continuing to work remote, or trying a mix of both. Finding the right meeting equipment, live streaming or teaching tools are no time to delay.

The application scenario of auto tracking webcam

Firstly, the auto tracking webcam for small meeting rooms

The A6 auto tracking webcam fits this role well. It supported by foldable tripod, with 315° automatic rotation and 113° viewing angle, it can perfectly follow speakers’ movement automatically. The 2 megapixels 1080P HD resolution lens can capture crystal clear video at a fluid of 25 frames per second. We recommend using this motion tracking webcam in a smaller room with approximately four people around a small table.

Webcam with auto tracking


Secondly, the AI motion tracking webcam for teacher lecturing

The A8 AI motion tracking webcam equipped with privacy cover to protect personal privacy well, detachable base make it portable, built-in soft LED ring light, built-in microphone & noise cancelling technology makes the picked-up sound more pure, clear and natural, and the 2 megapixels 1080P HD resolution lens can capture crystal clear video at a fluid 30 frames. It performs well in distance learning classrooms, no students will miss every knowledge’s details.

Best auto tracking webcam

Thirdly, the auto tracking camera for live streaming

Not only the above-mentioned application scene, actually it is also popular for live streaming. With its impressive auto tracking ability of 315° automatic rotation, 135° wide-angle lens, built-in microphone & LED ring light, the camera can detect and follow the host as they walk around the room. This is perfect for active presentations or live streaming, but no more one person in view at the same time. In addition, the tracking capabilities works when the speaker is within the range of 0.5m-5m away from the camera.

Auto tracking live streaming webcam

How to connect the auto-tracking webcam?

The webcam with USB interface is drive-free, plug and play and compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Auto tracking technology continues to make progress every day, we will keep you informed of all the new updates.

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