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How to choose the best mechanical gaming keyboard & mouse

How to choose the high quality and affordable mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse? I would like to share some experience / skills with you as following.

1. Gaming mouse

Firstly, let us talk about the gaming mouse. We mainly consider two points that are “hand feeling & hardware configuration”.

(1-1). Mouse grip styles

But the hand feeling is a very subjective and abstract experience, usually three mouse grip styles as follows.

Mouse grip styles
Mouse grip styles

And usually, different grip manner as well as the hands size, the mouse dimension also will be different. The following data only for your reference.

Mouse size and hand grip style

(1-2).  Mouse hardware configuration

Secondly, let me talk about the hardware configuration of the gaming mouse. The most important part of the gaming mouse is sensor, the indicator of the sensor included DPI, IPS and Acceleration.

DPI: It refers to the number of pixels the cursor moves when the mouse moves one inch. The higher the DPI, the stronger performance of the mouse and the higher accuracy.

IPS: It means maximum distance the mouse can travel per second, in theory the higher the IPS, the better.

Acceleration: It refers to that the mouse’s acceleration is related to the distance the cursor moves. It can be simply understood that the faster the mouse moves, the farther the cursor moves.

In my view, the wired gaming mouse is better than wireless type, as you will not have the feeling of delay and no need to worry about battery problem during the gaming.

2. Mechanical gaming keyboard

How to select the best gaming keyboard?

Mechanical keyboard
Best quality mechanical gaming keyboard

Basically, when we buy a gaming keyboard the mechanical keyboard will be first considered, as the membrane keyboards are far inferior to mechanical keyboards in both hand feeling and life span. We mainly need to pay attention to two aspects when we select the mechanical keyboard, the keycap and key axis.

(2-1).  Keyboard keycap materials

Since the keycap is in direct contact with fingers, so the materials of keycap directly determine the hand feeling. At present, the common keycap materials are ABS and PBT.

Although ABS keycap is more skin-friendly, it is extremely easy to be slippery (that is the surface of the key cap is worn smooth and shiny).

Therefore, personally I would like to firmly suggest you to choose a keyboard equipped with PBT keycap.


(2-2).  Key axis types

Actually, the key axis is a very difficult point for many people when choosing the mechanical gaming keyboard, the most common axis we can see on the market including black axis, blue axis, tea axis, and red axis, there are also emerging silver axis and green axis.

Mechanical keyboard key axis

Black axis is a kind of straight up and down axis. It is with very strong sense of potency when pressing, but there is no sense of paragraph, feel like pressing on the spring, full of elasticity, rapid rebound, the response is very sensitive.

But if you are the type of gamer who needs to press every button to the end, when using the black axis can make your fingers feel very tired. Therefore, it is not recommended for the beginner to try the black axis.

Mechanical keyboard red axis

Blue axis is the axis that with the most mechanical button texture, it makes a clickety-clack, the clear and melodious rhythmic paragraph make your brain feel exited. You will feel very refreshing when use it for playing game or typing code.

Mechanical keyboard blue axis

The tea axis is a more moderate axis, it has a slight sense of paragraph, but is nowhere near as crisp as the blue axis.

Mechanical keyboard tea axis

At present the red axis gaming mechanical keyboard is very popular, It feels like black axis with a lighter spring, a quarter less force, and feels lighter and softer. It is suitable for gaming and typewriting.

Mechanical keyboard red axis

The green axis is similar to the blue axis, but its key rebound is faster and stronger. It is  suitable for gamer who like the feeling of paragraph.

Mechanical keyboard green axis

Silver axis is similar to red axis but faster and more sensitive, just slightly press 1.2mm can trigger.

Mechanical keyboard silver axis

Above are some experience & skills on how to choose the best gaming keyboard & mouse, best mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse. We will keep updating and thank you for reading.

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