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Tri-screen monitor for laptop

How to build a Portable Tri- Screen Laptop Workstation?

Why do you need a tri-screen monitor?

Are you still suffering from switching different webpages, stock data or work programs on a small laptop screen?  Certainly it is time to get the best tri-screen monitor for your laptop to boost productivity by 50%.

Where the tri-screen can be used for?

Actually the tri-screen monitor can be widely used for different scenarios. For instance,  perhaps you are a software developer, management consultant, accountant, creator, financial analyst, salesperson, marketer, photographer, absolutely it can be great of help to your works. Most importantly, it can improve your productivity and bring you a more efficient working experience. Meanwhile, our best tri-screen monitor is going to be your laptop`s best companion. Free yourself, free your imagination!

Tri-screen monitor for laptop

How to setup a tri-screen monitor to a portable workstation? 

However, how can you setup a tri-screen laptop workstation? Joying laptop tri-screen with rich input ports, for example USB/HDMI/TYPE-C, it is compatible with Mac & Windows. As a result, the users can turn a single one-screen laptop into tri-screen laptop instantly. It is easy to use and pure plug-play. In short, the setup of this tri-screen workstation is largely depending on your laptop input ports. if your laptop has two USB-C port, you just need to use USB-C wire for connection will be fine.

Best tri-screen monitor for laptop

What is the quality and configuration of tri-screen monitor? 

Above all, we value the quality and visual performance of the tri screen monitor. Our tri-screen monitors adopt FHD 1080P /60Hz  IPS display with 16:9 golden ratio, the monitor sizes included 10.1inch, 11.6inch and 13.3inch. They can perfectly match with 11.6inch to 16inch mainstream laptops, and then run all kinds of software at a very nice image quality.

Is the tri-screen monitor portable?

For compact and portable purpose, our engineers made it extremely thin only one inch thickness and light weight maximum 1.3kg. A mobile work station for you, portable and effective-work anywhere with your laptop. It is foldable, the expandable back panel with flexible screen holder can hold the different thickness laptop screens.

Our promise and goal. 

The best or nothing. We adopted the high-level industrial materials for all of our products just for your profits and satisfactions. And one year warranty is available for you.

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