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10inch RGB Soft LED Ring Light

How to choose a YouTube ring light for live streaming?

The development of led ring light

Originally, the ring lights designed and used for medical and dental purposes. Nowadays, typically a RGB LED ring light is a plug-play and multifunctional lighting tool that enables users to get a source of uniform light that comes directly from their cameras. Most people use it for photography, makeup, live streaming, generating color effects etc. This lighting device is mainly composed of  a single circular fluorescent bulb or several connected small LED lights that form the shape of a circle. Let us take a look of the 10inch RGB LED ring light.

When use a ring light?

The ring lights were widely used for various commercial usages due to its powerful potential capabilities as following,

RGB LED Ring Light

Makeup application
The RGB LED ring light can generate a daylight color rating of 3000 – 6500K with 3 colors modes or RGB and 10 levels of brightness, this light is perfect for makeup application no matter on a cloudy day or when natural light is not available.

10inch RGB LED Ring Light

For magnify the details
Thanks to the ring light`s circular design and high brightness, it is perfect for emphasizing the details on videos and photographs.

Producing Color Effects
The RGB  led ring light has 3 colors mode and 10 levels of brightness, especially the RGB ring lights are perfect for generating color effects. Using ring light color effects can enable the users to free their imagination, create high-quality videos and photographs easily.

Video production
Since the ring lights can perfectly outline the subject of photograph or video, provide a brilliant and professional looking for filming, it is popular for video production.

10inch RGB LED Ring Light

Stunning content creation
A led ring light is perfect for Skype, video conferences, beauty, vloggers, influencers, Zoom meetings, tattoo artists and so on…

How to choose a ring light?

When we buy a led ring light for your personal or business using, usually you might have difficulty in choosing.

Generally speaking, the ring light would use together with the camera, tablet and smart phone etc. To choose a perfect ring light for your application, please think carefully how you are going to use it. If you need a ring light for taking selfies by camera or iPad, then purchase a big one to fit.

In addition, usually the ring light comes together with the accessories included Cell Phone Holder & Pan-tilt & Bluetooth selfie controller & Tripod.  However, the tripod has two types that the smaller size sit on the table, bigger size stand on the ground. Please confirm before you place orders.

10inch RGB LED Ring Light

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