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Clip-on LED Ring Light

What the clip-on led ring lights do?

What is a ring light?

Before knowing the applications of the led ring light, first let`s make clear what is the ring light? Simply speaking, a ring light is a ring-shaped light with LEDs to give off a soft, natural light. They are typically used by internet professionals, for example YouTubers, Selfie-lover or other content creators need better lighting for video.

Clip-on LED Ring Light

Where the clip-on led ring light will be used for?

The clip-on led ring light is versatile due to its perfect lighting in Zoom meetings, social videos and selfies. If you often use your laptop for Zoom meetings, video calling or live streaming- then the T20 6.3inch mini led ring light is your best bet. This 3000k-6500k dimmable LED ring light is easy to clip on your laptop, and comes with 360-degree adjustment if needed. It equipped with 60pcs white + 25pcs RGB LEDs, instantly chase the darkness away and make you looks professional. Three light modes &10 levels adjustable brightness & 26 color running modes, you can freely adjust the color brightness according to your needs. Mini size design, it is portable and easy to carry anywhere you want.

LED Ring Light with clip

How do you use a ring light?

The clip-on led ring light comes with USB interface and clip with silicone rubber, it is relatively easy to use. Firstly just clip it on the laptop, desk or other countertops, secondly plug in the USB to power on then it can start to work perfectly. And the RGB ring lights equipped with control button or remote controller are easy for you to adjust the brightness and lighting mode quickly.

Clip-on LED Ring Light

What points should you know when buy a clip-on led ring light? 

However, do you know how to buy a led ring light for perfect lighting? please pay attention to the following technical parameters.


The high brightness ring light can chase the darkness away and make you looks professional. T20 6.3inch led ring light armed with 60pcs white + 25pcs RGB LEDs, as a result the lighting is bright enough but comfortable.


Color temperature.

Generally speaking, the color temperature of ring light ranges from 3000k to 6500k. The reasonable color temperature value can make light looks more soft and comfortable, and protect our eyes well.  Our color temperature is strictly comply with ANSI C78.337 international standard. 

Ring light clip for laptop

Materials and design

Ultra-thin lamp body design, excellent heat dissipation effect. Arc lamp shade design looks more fashionable. By using high quality aluminum alloy shell, so that it is anti-fall, durable and better thermal conductivity. Adopting high level RGBW LEDs and uniformly distributed arrangement, the lighting is even and soft. No strobe, no noise and no glare. Metal materials pan-tile, it is strong & durable and support 360 degree rotation freely.

If you want to know more detailed information of various led ring lights, please just feel free to contact with us.

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